Scamming scammers

When I first saw this article I loved it, finally being able to get back at scammers.  You know, the ones who email people saying they have a great way to make money, but need some seed money to get started. Apparently if you forward a phishing email to, Re:Scam will continue the conversation […]

File Recovery

At one of my previous jobs, one in which my IT career was just getting started, an employee was let go because of a dispute with the organization.  The employee had developed some code which the organization relied on heavily (part of their trade secret) and was arguing that the code was his property vs. […]

Print (and Export) Friendly Web Page Tool

I was working with someone who wanted to export some wordpress articles from a site I was working on. One of the developers found a wordpress plugin which did just that. But after following up with the requester I found that the creator of the plugin also offers that service from an external web page. […]

Could be used for good, or Evil…

I ran across an open source product today which is designed for web application testing and I wanted to make sure I didn’t forget about it; Selenium.  It allows a person to develop scripts to automate their browser.  Very interesting concept because, like I said, it would be great for testing web applications after software […]

Educational Technology

For the last several years I’ve been doing technology training and support for the NPS learning management system (Sakai) and synchronous meeting tool (Elluminate).  I’ve been the guy who shows instructors which buttons to press to have the systems do what they want to do. Now my boss is getting me involved in working with […]

htaccess and wordpress – again

I’ve been helping a friend with his wordpress blog/site.  He asked me to post a “maintenance” page while he works on updating his content.  So I did some research online and, although it’s not the best or correct solution, I created an additional page, commented out the wordpress lines in the .htaccess page and added […]

Learning about WordPress & .htaccess

So I installed WordPress in a blog subdirectory and then created a subdomain to point to that, but I guess WordPress is picky enough that it will only go to the home page if the URL in the configuration is in the URL.  I’ve changed my .htaccess file to point to vs. […]