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Meetings are Effective, If Everyone Gets What They Want

This philosophy was developed when I was still in school; I was working on a senior project with about 8 other people along with a faculty sponsor building a leaning recumbent tadpole tricycle. The sponsor organized a meeting with a representative from a large company who was willing to donate some sheets of Lexan for […]

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Data is Nice, Information is Power

Especially with the rise of social media, cell phones and online shopping there is a lot of data out there about people, what the do and where they do it. A lot of people are scared about having that data about themselves out there, being controlled, sold and manipulated by organizations. In my opinion all […]

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An Unused Application is a Useless Application

Many people, especially IT people, when they work on a project to introduce a new application into their organization get so focused on the details of what it takes to select, purchase, install, configure, migrate data, etc. to put the application in place, they forget about a critical piece of the puzzle, user training. I’m […]

A Manager Tells, A Leader Asks

I’ve had some great bosses, some good bosses and some really poor bosses in my career. The great bosses really inspired me to do more, they nurtured my interests and creativity guiding me to find tasks and projects which benefitted the organization as well as my personal interests to learn and grow. The good bosses […]

It’s All About… Managing Expectations

Managing expectations is not a term people think about when taking a trip or going to a party, but the act has become part of my daily routine. To me the actions behind this phrase is something I try to practice on a regular basis. When going to a party with my wife I talk […]