I have historically spoken about the types of power people can have over others, and I’m sure I have not always gotten […]

form validation

Web Form String Checking

Back in the day when I was doing coding and application development one of the big things that was always on my […]

Data Science Skills

Just like many areas of IT, there are a large number areas in data science; programming, developing visualizations, etc. But this is […]

Web Page Scraping

I hate those web pages or web applications with a lot of data but no export capabilities. In the past I’ve tried […]

Free Hosted MySQL

in my minimal application development career I, every so often, have a need for a database instance that is managed by someone […]

DNS Checker

At my current job I’m the one and only IT person so I have to do a bit of everything. One of […]

SQL Without a Database

I’ve always been looking for a free and hosted database which I can use to do ad-hoc SQL queries for practice, learning […]

Scanning Slides

I have a ton of paper pictures, with slides, that I would love to digitized, but it’s not worth paying someone to […]

Screen Recording

Every so often in my professional career, someone asks me how to easily and cheaply create screen recordings for information, training, or […]

Agile or Waterfall?

A co-worker of mine has been reading a SCRUM book and asked my opinion about which project management methodology is better, Agile […]