Monterey Peninsula Yacht Club

I joined the Monterey Peninsula Yacht Club back in 2006 and had been sailing in Monterey, pretty much since I moved here in 1994.  I recall sitting on the MPYC deck after a race telling someone, “I hang out here enough, I should join the club…” just as those words came out of my mouth someone asked, “Do you want to manage the web site?” because they knew I was a geek, in a good way.

So after joining and doing a quick needs analysis of what they wanted to do with the site, I did some research and selected Joomla (WordPress wasn’t very popular at the time) which had what we needed:

  • A web front end with a variety of pages and content
  • ability for many users to contribute (CMS)
  • a directory
  • and a calendar

I did a bit of research and, at the time, Joomla was a very full featured CMS with many plugins so I set up an instance on my local computer, got it working as desired and eventually transferred it to the MPYC.org host.

Since setting it up I have been managing it on an ongoing basis; populating the calendar, making changes, updating content, etc.  It turns out most people are not comfortable adding content to the web site so they email me and I do it.  It has been an interesting process over the years, tweaking the site to make it look better, managing and applying the updates, introducing new features as people have requests.

Additionally I am the club geek:

  • Helping the manager with his tech questions
  • Upgrading the club’s computers
  • Helping make decisions on what technology to buy/use for the Point of Sale system
  • Upgrading the club’s Internet connection

A good group of people who I am happy to help out.  Different people have different expertise and this is mine.