At Worklouis

“Business Efficiency Through Technology”.  My passion is solving problems to help people work more efficiently and effectively.

I started as a Mechanical Engineer where I analyzed the requirements and design/built stuff which helped solve a problem. When I switched to the computer industry I was drawn to Systems Analysis because it’s the same but instead of physical devices it’s developing processes and finding or developing technology to solve problems/help people.

I enjoy learning new software applications because it allows me to expand my tool-set which I can use to help people. A good example of this is when I was talking to a co-worker who was telling me about how long it takes him to do a particular task in Excel. After a few minutes of discussions we, together, figured out a way to bring a 3 day task down to 3 hours.

At Home

At home I try to stay active as well; physically and mentally.  I like to think up ideas.  My personal goal/dream is to have a patent in my name.

I want to learn how to build bicycle frames and be able to put together my own bicycles and tricycles, specifically a recumbent leaning tricycle with independent leaning and steering.

Hanging out with the wife

  • Going to movies
  • Going to dinner
  • Hiking
  • Camping
  • Socializing

Sailing and sailboat racing

  • I enjoy sailing and have become very involved in MPYC.
  • I own an Olson 911 SE with 3 other guys who I also race with, it’s great to go out on the water and just get away from it all.


  • I love the fact that I can cycle to work, it’s only a mile and takes less than 10 minutes
  • I own 5 bicycles;
    • a used road bike I got cheap from a garage sale and fixed up
    • an old mountain bike which now has slicks and is my commuter
    • a newer full suspension mountain bike that I got a few years ago, I don’t use it enough.
    • a Vision R40 Recumbent with under-seat steering
    • another LWB and OSS Recumbent


  • I used to play beach every Saturday morning, not I just do it as time permits.  It’s with a group of people who have been playing together for 30+ years.  Unfortunately I’m not really a “regular” any more, but I’m gald I’m always welcome back
  • I have played in several indoor leagues including the Monterey Sports Center and the Naval Postgraduate School.  I used to be team captain of several of those leagues but now I’m just a player.

Geeking out

I come up with these random ideas and got the domain algaze.org to test them out.  So far I’ve set up

  • RssSlideshow – a web site which allows someone to display the items of an RSS feed, one at a time with many display options.
  • Flipbook – I really like the idea of a Sharepoint list with it’s flexible metadata, but I wanted to allow relationships, with metadata, to items on the same or other lists.
  • Louie Learns – Many LMSs (Learning Management Systems) have the limitation that students need to go into each class they are taking to see what to read, what to do and what is due when. Louie Learns is an LMS idea which would allow instructors to organize all of the items in their courses, but would aggregate all the content from all of their classes for the students in a format that the student prefers.