SQL Without a Database

I’ve always been looking for a free and hosted database which I can use to do ad-hoc SQL queries for practice, learning as well as for random projects at work. So when I heard of a chrome extension which does not need a database I was intrigued. The extension is SQAnything with overview/instructions available and […]

Database Indexes

In many places that I have worked we use databases, sometimes we have an official database administrator, sometimes it’s been the server admin who has learned how to manage the database on the job.  Either way, in very few places has anyone really understood database indexes very well and even where someone understood, they rarely […]

Authoritative Data Source

Authoritative data source (also referred to as System of Record) is an interesting concept I learned about a while ago and began using immediately.   It’s the idea that any piece if data (a person’s name, email address, phone number, etc.) ideally should be stored in only one place, and if it needs to be […]

The Evolution of Databases

I first learned about Databases and SQL years ago when relational database and flat files where the only options for data storage.  Since then I had heard about NoSQL and document databases but I did not understand them or why anyone would want to use one.  After attending a webinar today put on by Pentaho (a system […]