Sailboat Types

One of my hobbies is sailing and sailboat racing, and all of my time talking about, working on and being out on the water, I have never been able to memorize the name of each boat configuration.  What is the difference between a ketch and a sloop and a Gaff rig.  Well I found this […]

Flying A Logo

I added the Flying A gas header logo.  According to my parents, my grandfather owned a garage where he fixed cars and sold Flying A gasoline.  All of my uncles worked in that garage when they were younger.  oh the stores they could tell.  If you don’t see the logo in the header, try again […]

Monterey Peninsula Yacht Club

I joined the Monterey Peninsula Yacht Club back in 2006 and had been sailing in Monterey, pretty much since I moved here in 1994.  I recall sitting on the MPYC deck after a race telling someone, “I hang out here enough, I should join the club…” just as those words came out of my mouth […]