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SpecSavvy subdomain

So I added the SpecSavvy.algaze.org subdomain.  After adding that I had to edit the mediawiki config file to have mediawiki use specsavvy.algaze.org vs. algaze.org/specsavvy.   Check out the wiki, create an account and feel free to add specs for any products … Read More

SpecSavvy started

So I got my next idea started.  SpecSavvy, a user contribution wiki where users can post specifications (specs) on various levels on products and others can use those specs to compare apples to apples at various vendor.  For example, if … Read More

Learning about WordPress & .htaccess

So I installed WordPress in a blog subdirectory and then created a blog.algaze.org subdomain to point to that, but I guess WordPress is picky enough that it will only go to the home page if the URL in the configuration … Read More

An interesting quote I saw recently, it makes me want to explore and take more risks.

What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail?

Visitor Map

While I was doing a web search yesterday I found a cool, free web tool.  It seems to be able to get the IP address of each of your current visitors and display a globe of their approximate location.  When … Read More

Added Flying A header logo

I added the Flying A gas header logo.  According to my parents, my grandfather owned a garage where he fixed cars and sold Flying A gasoline.  All of my uncles worked in that garage when they were younger.  oh the … Read More