I found an interesting diagram/graphic which helps you decide what type of chart to use based on what information your want to convey. choosing_a_good_chart2

SpecSavvy started

So I got my next idea started.  SpecSavvy, a user contribution wiki where users can post specifications (specs) on various levels on products and others can use those specs to compare apples to apples at various vendor.  For example, if you are looking to purchase a new computer, you can find the specs for a […]

Learning about WordPress & .htaccess

So I installed WordPress in a blog subdirectory and then created a subdomain to point to that, but I guess WordPress is picky enough that it will only go to the home page if the URL in the configuration is in the URL.  I’ve changed my .htaccess file to point to vs. […]

Visitor Map

While I was doing a web search yesterday I found a cool, free web tool.  It seems to be able to get the IP address of each of your current visitors and display a globe of their approximate location.  When I visited a site using it, It made me feel like I really exist and […]

cona web site front page

Casanova Oak Knoll Neighborhood Association

I bought my house back in January of 2000 and it’s in the Casanova Oak Knoll Neighborhood.  Of course, at one of the meetings they asked if someone could take over development of the web site, and I volunteered.  Originally it was a bunch of PHP files, so the common header could be included, but […]