Video Chat

Video Chat in 20 Lines of Code

Part of my job used to be teaching and supporting instructors who were teaching classes remotely using Video Chat.  Because of this experience I often wonder why people don’t use it more, why people continue to travel for business meetings.

On the other hand, I understand the need for meeting and interacting with someone in person to develop the relationship.  But once that relationship is developed, much of the conversation can be taken “online”.

I even wanted to do a research project to determine the best video image to use during a video chat session; none, head only, torso and head, full body or full room for various situations; education, collaboration, presentations, etc.  Maybe one day if/when I get my PHD I’ll use it as my thesis topic.

In the meantime I did find a cool article from Instructables on how to set up your own video system using the WebRTC protocol with a PubNub account and 20 lines of code on your own web site.  I thought it was pretty cool that the technology has come so far.