2 Lifehackers

Lifehacker is one of the RSS feeds I review on a daily basis.  Most of the articles are pretty good, but today I found two which really hit home.  They reflect some of the philosophies I attempt to follow in my life, How to be happy and how to overcome negative feelings.

Nonviolent Communication

A philosophy I’ve always held has been validated:  If someone is mean to me I assume they are the one with the issue, not me, and I try to feel sorry for them instead of being angry.  The validation came from the Nonviolent Communication organization.


A very interesting idea in this Ted Talk.

Calvin and Hobbes

I like to read each day’s Calvin and Hobbes, this one resonates with me.  Unfortunately it doesn’t look like I can embed the comic, but here is a link.

Deathbed Regrets

Interesting article about the regrets people have had on their deathbeds; I wish I’d had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me. I wish I hadn’t worked so hard. I wish I’d had the courage to express my feelings. I wish I had stayed in touch […]

Furniture Pallets

I saw this post today and love the concept, making furniture out of old pallets. Making a Park Bench 21 other ideas and 25 more But there is one argument for why not to do it. I’d like to begin making outdoor stuff, but now I need to find a source of pallets and the […]

Dog Training/Education Cartoons

One of my additional interests is dogs and dog training.  I love Cesar Milan and his energy and philosophies in dog training/behaviour.   I came across a bunch of cool posters describing dog behaviour and I wanted to share them.

Relaxed working

Because of contract reasons, I’ve been taking some time off, no I didn’t get laid off. It’s been VERY nice, being able to wake up when I want (after the wife leaves early in the morning), answer a few emails, do some stretching, go for a brisk walk, have a late breakfast and then get […]

Flying A Logo

I added the Flying A gas header logo.  According to my parents, my grandfather owned a garage where he fixed cars and sold Flying A gasoline.  All of my uncles worked in that garage when they were younger.  oh the stores they could tell.  If you don’t see the logo in the header, try again […]