Scanning Slides

I have a ton of paper pictures, with slides, that I would love to digitized, but it’s not worth paying someone to do it nor buying a device and spending bunch of time to do it myself. But I think if I could make my own device like this one, I would be much more […]

Paper Airplanes

When I was in high school my AP Physics teacher held a paper airplane competition with several different categories; furthest distance, longest airtime, most acrobatic, etc.  I was pretty proud of myself that I won the longest airtime competition not because my airplane went really high and flew all around the room with a good […]

Posting Older Stuff

Before going to sleep instead of reading a book, I catch up on my news feeds using feedly on my phone.  Although many people say reading your phone before going to sleep is bad but for me it helps me relax and puts me to sleep, sometimes even waking me up from my early slumber because my […]


My wonderful wife brought me to Maker Faire a while ago and I wanted to include a few items which piqued my interest: Page with pictures and plans for various bikes Free software from Autodesk which converts images to 3d object and takes 3d objects and makes sliced objects. see photo of rocket ship. Instructions […]

SpecSavvy subdomain

So I added the subdomain.  After adding that I had to edit the mediawiki config file to have mediawiki use vs.   Check out the wiki, create an account and feel free to add specs for any products you know about.

SpecSavvy started

So I got my next idea started.  SpecSavvy, a user contribution wiki where users can post specifications (specs) on various levels on products and others can use those specs to compare apples to apples at various vendor.  For example, if you are looking to purchase a new computer, you can find the specs for a […]

Visitor Map

While I was doing a web search yesterday I found a cool, free web tool.  It seems to be able to get the IP address of each of your current visitors and display a globe of their approximate location.  When I visited a site using it, It made me feel like I really exist and […]