Web Page Scraping

I hate those web pages or web applications with a lot of data but no export capabilities. In the past I’ve tried […]

Scanning Slides

I have a ton of paper pictures, with slides, that I would love to digitized, but it’s not worth paying someone to […]

Paper Airplanes

When I was in high school my AP Physics teacher held a paper airplane competition with several different categories; furthest distance, longest […]

Posting Older Stuff

Before going to sleep instead of reading a book, I catch up on my news feeds using feedly on my phone.  Although […]


My wonderful wife brought me to Maker Faire a while ago and I wanted to include a few items which piqued my […]

SpecSavvy subdomain

So I added the SpecSavvy.algaze.org subdomain.  After adding that I had to edit the mediawiki config file to have mediawiki use specsavvy.algaze.org […]

SpecSavvy started

So I got my next idea started.  SpecSavvy, a user contribution wiki where users can post specifications (specs) on various levels on […]

Visitor Map

While I was doing a web search yesterday I found a cool, free web tool.  It seems to be able to get […]