Being a computer guy, people would come up to me and ask me the question “Which computer should I buy?”.  I would typically respond with a “what do you want to do with it?”.  After answering the question too many times to count I though that having a web site called SpecSavvy which defined what can be done with each type of computer so people could choose one and then the site would give them the recommended specifications so they could go to different stores/manufacturers and compare Apples to Apples.  Well, I put one together intending to extend this concept to other products like household appliances, power tools, etc.  But, like many ideas, I didn’t keep the pages up to date, it wasn’t well advertised and eventually the software got out of date, so I took it down.

If anyone is interested in taking the idea and running with it, I’d be happy to point anyone else who asks me this question to their site.  The categories I used for Computers were:

For Desktops

  • Budget Desktop
  • Basic Desktop
  • Mid-level Desktop
  • High End Desktop
  • Gaming Desktop

And for Laptops

  • Budget Laptop
  • Basic Laptop
  • Mid-level Laptop
  • Gaming Laptop
  • Ultralight Laptop