SQL Without a Database

I’ve always been looking for a free and hosted database which I can use to do ad-hoc SQL queries for practice, learning as well as for random projects at work. So when I heard of a chrome extension which does not need a database I was intrigued. The extension is SQAnything with overview/instructions available and […]

Scanning Slides

I have a ton of paper pictures, with slides, that I would love to digitized, but it’s not worth paying someone to do it nor buying a device and spending bunch of time to do it myself. But I think if I could make my own device like this one, I would be much more […]

Screen Recording

Every so often in my professional career, someone asks me how to easily and cheaply create screen recordings for information, training, or just getting a point across. There are a handful of options out there. Recently I found a free, web based recording system which seems pretty slick as not only can it record, but […]

Agile or Waterfall?

A co-worker of mine has been reading a SCRUM book and asked my opinion about which project management methodology is better, Agile or Waterfall. First I had to think hard about and really define SCRUM as a process of working rather than a methodology. But as we were talking I told him that I believe […]

Knowing your Audience

A philosophy I developed years ago which is explained in my post Meetings are Effective, If Everyone Gets What They Want I believe that going into a meeting, everyone wants something and a successful leader/moderator understands that and does his/her best to provide that. Just like meetings, my philosophy applies to presentations and trainings. Participants […]

Why I Like Technology Better than Mechanical Engineering

I got into Mechanical Engineering because: My Father was a Mechanical Engineer I like building stuff and taking things apart trying to figure out how they work I enjoy problem solving; hearing from someone “I need something that does X” and being able to find a solution for them But after working as a Mechanical […]

Storytelling Where?

Many years ago I read a book called Presentation Zen and I fell in love with the concept, the idea that people remembered stories much more than facts and figures. Unfortunately at the time I was doing technology training and felt that the concept couldn’t be applied to training so I really didn’t apply the […]

Engaging Students

One of the big differences between teaching in person vs online is the perceived separation.. Because of this separation many people are more comfortable not talking and just listening. I call that phenomenon crickets referring to when the teacher asks a question and nobody responds. There are several ways to reduce the crickets phenomenon: Ask […]

Preparing Your Teaching Materials

The first part of modifying your teaching material is to ensure all of your content is digitized and available in an online environment. This means any videos you play with a DVD or VHS tape for your students, you will need to find it online in a video sharing service such as YouTube. It also […]

appropriate space

Create an Optimum Space

Now that you have been in and out of a few sessions and are comfortable with the software, the next step is to create an optimum space from which to teach. Things to consider are: A comfortable chair and desk with ample space for your keyboard and mouse as well as your notes for class. […]