Posting Older Stuff

Before going to sleep instead of reading a book, I catch up on my news feeds using feedly on my phone.  Although many people say reading your phone before going to sleep is bad but for me it helps me relax and puts me to sleep, sometimes even waking me up from my early slumber because my phone fell onto my chest.  Sometimes you shouldn’t take other’s people advice too seriously and just do what works for you.

Anyway, the reason I mention this is because when I come across an interesting article I have the Pocket app on my phone and, with one click, I can save the interesting article to pocket, I’ve collected quite a few articles, some of them still pertinent and others out of date.  I mentioned this habit to a friend of mine who reads my blog and suggested I post these articles to here, partially to share with the world, but also to consolidate; now that was some good advice.

So my next group of posts will be information which were previously saved and transferred here.  I’ll try to only post articles that are timeless, but some may be a from older articles.