At Work “Business Efficiency Through Technology”.  My passion is solving problems to help people work more efficiently and effectively. I started as a Mechanical Engineer where I solved problems to build stuff. When I switched to the computer industry I was … Read More


An interesting quote I saw recently, it makes me want to explore and take more risks. What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail? -Anonymous

Visitor Map

While I was doing a web search yesterday I found a cool, free web tool.  It seems to be able to get the IP address of each of your current visitors and display a globe of their approximate location.  When … Read More

Added Flying A header logo

I added the Flying A gas header logo.  According to my parents, my grandfather owned a garage where he fixed cars and sold Flying A gasoline.  All of my uncles worked in that garage when they were younger.  oh the … Read More

Learning Systems Manager at NPS

Up until this job, I have not stayed in a single company or position for more than 3 years.  After 3 years or so I would usually feel like I had done an learned everything I could, so I found … Read More

Monterey Peninsula Yacht Club

I joined the Monterey Peninsula Yacht Club back in 2006 and had been sailing in Monterey, pretty much since I moved here in 1994.  I recall sitting on the MPYC deck after a race telling someone, “I hang out here … Read More

RSS Slideshow

The intention of the RSS Slideshow is for any person or organization to be able to use the tool to display an RSS feed from within their organization or externally on a monitor in a lobby, dining area or anywhere … Read More

Casanova Oak Knoll Neighborhood Association

I bought my house back in January of 2000 and it’s in the Casanova Oak Knoll Neighborhood.  Of course, at one of the meetings they asked if someone could take over development of the web site, and I volunteered.  Originally … Read More