Flipped DL Classrom

I’ve always understood and appreciated the concept of a flipped classroom; don’t waste class time having students get the concept from the instructor when there are so many online videos and resources out there to teach the topic.  It’s better to use class time for Q&A and projects that help the students really understand.

But sometimes you run across an idea which is very simple but it leads to a large “ah ha” moment in your own head.  That came to me recently when I got an email about how MIT Bootcamps is flipping distance learning classes: Pre-recorded Lecture + Submit questions + Live Q&A session

This makes me think back to the introduction to Computers class I taught at Monterey Peninsula College many years ago.  In addition to working I was developing the course and teaching it which was a lot of work so I didn’t do it a second time.  But if I did continue I would further refine my course to use online videos to teach the concepts and class time for other stuff.