Dynamic Resumes

A long time ago when I was working with Web Services I got turned onto the idea of resume content in XML format and having a variety of DTD displays, some more serious and others more creative.  At the time I found a open source framework which does this and, more recently, a web based application, but looking back I realize that:

  1. This can/should be done using more modern standards such as html and CSS, which the web application may use
  2. Although it’s cute to have a variety of looks for a resume, having one professional format is all that is needed
  3. For each job application the content of the resume should be tweaked

If I didn’t have my own domain and web site (this one) on which to post my resume, I would probably use that web application to store my base resume and modify for each job application.

Ed Note: Speaking of resumes, I recently found an interesting article defining the goal of a resume, the different audiences who may read your resume and providing advice on how many bullet points each job description should have, what verbiage to use which may be good, etc.  As always, don’t believe everything you read online and use your best judgement when hearing anyone’s advice.