Scamming scammers

When I first saw this article I loved it, finally being able to get back at scammers.  You know, the ones who email people saying they have a great way to make money, but need some seed money to get started. Apparently if you forward a phishing email to, Re:Scam will continue the conversation […]

Digital Signage

When I worked at CSUMB, myself and another employee took the RSS feed from an application I managed which was trying to be the campus-wide calendar and developed a Flash page which displayed all of the items from the RSS feed on a web page.  Once we had that we could display that page anywhere.  Much […]

WordPress Customization

Tonight I attended my first WordPress Meetup which was pretty cool.  I didn’t learn a lot but came away with a few interesting tidbits which I didn’t know before: Even if a wordpress site has a different permalink scheme, any post (or page) or category can be accessed using the ID.  p=id for pages and […]

Evaluating Jobs

Over the years I have been in a variety of positions in a variety of companies, sometimes very content, and other times ready for a change.  Over the years I have developed my own criteria for evaluating how good a job is and I have narrowed it down to 4 attributes: Location – How far/close […]

Web Builders

Everyone is coming out with their own web builders, and Microsoft is no exception.  A while ago I discovered Microsoft Sway which is similar to Adobe Spark and other systems.  After designing a few web pages for people I realize the issues these types of tools are faced with. They are proprietary systems; They create beautiful […]

F-Pattern Web Browsing

One of the few email subscriptions I participate in is The Nielsen Norman Group’s feed on interface usability, website design, and UX research. This week’s post was an interesting read, but further down the page I really like their suggestions on The Best Antidotes to the F-Shaped Pattern.  Some I already knew and the article […]

Database Indexes

In many places that I have worked we use databases, sometimes we have an official database administrator, sometimes it’s been the server admin who has learned how to manage the database on the job.  Either way, in very few places has anyone really understood database indexes very well and even where someone understood, they rarely […]

File Recovery

At one of my previous jobs, one in which my IT career was just getting started, an employee was let go because of a dispute with the organization.  The employee had developed some code which the organization relied on heavily (part of their trade secret) and was arguing that the code was his property vs. […]

Better Conversations

My wife is very good at making conversation with people; talking about what they want to talk about, asking open ended questions to solicit information from them and just listening.  I find I can do this if I’m in the right mood and am comfortable in the environment. Finding articles like this one is a […]


I have always liked lists over paragraphs of text in web design, but I have always struggled with capitalization, punctuation and detail level which should be included in the list and when to use an ordered list and an unordered list.  Someone from my past recommended something like “only use a ordered list when the person should […]