Louis Algaze

Monterey, California

Previous Experience

July 1999 – March 2002
Information System Manager:  Responsible for maintenance and configuration of company network consisting of 30 Windows XP, 2000, ’98 and ’95 workstations and a single Windows NT V4.0 server. Tasks include: insuring proper back-up of mission critical data, configuring workstations and server, troubleshooting and solving operator, software and hardware problems, instruct users on proper use of technology, and research and upgrade hardware and software to within budget and user’s expectations. Maintain company web site, Legend phone system and network and phone wiring. Leader of all phases of transition to new accounting and purchasing software including evaluation, selection, integration, training, troubleshooting and customizing. Develop custom VBA programs in several applications for a variety of tasks:

  • Developed Microsoft Access database that tracks all information about our mission critical AutoCAD drawings including: drawing information, any revisions to the drawings and to whom the drawing was sent. Extensive search and report capabilities for easy retrieval of important information. Security permissions for limiting user’s access to editing information
  • Developed company wide contact database using Microsoft Access and Microsoft Word and linked it to e-mail, World Wide Web, fax and formal letter forms
  • Created user interface in AutoCAD using VBA for automation of repetitive drawing tasks
  • Created Microsoft Excel macro to translate data output from time clock software to be input to Accounting software saving 2 days per month of accountant’s time
  • Created AutoCAD VBA to draw objects in AutoCAD based on data in Excel spreadsheet

Designer:  Design and detail of structure for roller coaster in Metric and English units combining AutoCAD drawings and Excel workbooks.

June 1998 – June 1999
Machine Designer:  One of 3 mechanical design engineers for new production machine. Used AutoCAD 3D solids to design and detail innovative subassemblies as well as contribute to other’s ideas.
Troubleshooter:  Interaction with assembly, manufacturing, and customers to troubleshoot and solve existing problems as well as improve designs for better manufacturability, assembly and operation.
October 1994 – June 1998
dba Lee & Associates
Production Manager:  Managed production drafting department, oversaw time critical product releases, set and implemented computer aided drafting standards, customized and debugged AutoCAD to improve user’s performance and instructed others in a variety of computer tasks.
Project Manager and Design Engineer:  Managed projects designing HVAC and Plumbing systems for commercial and industrial buildings, including those containing hazardous materials. Assisted with projects designing refrigeration piping systems for food storage and processing cold rooms.
March 1992 – April 1994
Designer and Assembler:  Standard and custom automated assembly systems. Managed smaller projects from concept to completion. Systems specialized in precision net weighing and filling of valuable and/or volatile powders or tablets.